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Launch your 24x7 OTT TV channel/service in less than 24h

No hardware or software to install.
Instantly streams to any connected screen in the world.

iReplay develops and operates
the industry's first fully cloud-based,
end-to-end OTT services.

TV has evolved a lot. The systems used to feed it ? Not so much. iReplay brings the fastest time-to-market and lowest TCO of the industry by providing a 100% cloud-based solution to run Linear, Personalized and On-Demand OTT Services. Just upload your assets to our web interface, choose how to distribute and schedule them, and iReplay will take care of encoding and streaming to any connected screen, at a global scale.

TV Channel
In a browser

From files to Channel in no time : in a few hours, our simple web interface allows you to create a simple 24/7 TV channel from your assets and push it live to viewers worldwide. Any content broadcasted is immediately available for startover and catchup/replay.

Live Streaming
& Routing

Hosting an event ? Regular TV show ? Create live streaming publishing points and multi-angle views from any streaming device, including smartphones, action cams, and professional cameras. Insert these live feeds in your channel and once over, add them to your schedule as any other asset thanks to the built-in Cloud DVR.


Sell your content according to your own rules : ad-supported, one-time payment or subscription-based. All of this in a controlled environment of your choice, without the noise of other producers: website, native app, embed, etc. Describe briefly your projet and Get a quote for a VOD or SVOD project

Content & Ads

iReplay provides the framework for custom recommendation algorithms, thus allowing you create a personal experience for your users either as a linear TV channel or an on-demand service, using criteria such as "region", "returning user", "assets played", or "favorite tags", or anything data from your CRM or Big Data. We also provide video automation to produce digital signage content or video ads for your product feed or Google Merchant Center catalogue

Reliable, High-Quality Streaming

Multiscreen Adaptive Bitrate (Actual Live 24x7 Customer Channels Played)

100% Cloud

Forget about noisy, power-consuming, heavy-maintenance hardware and costly software licences : iReplay runs entirely in the cloud. Which means you just need to upload a bunch of video files, add some metadata to them, and our system takes care of the rest: from ingest to playback. TV Everywhere as a service or TVaaS.

Global Reach,
Out Of The Box

Built on a robust, worldwide CDN with 23 PoPs and a multi-CDN approach on-demand, the iReplay delivery infrastructure allows you to reach a large, global audience from day one, at a better price than traditional CDNs. Including in regions where high-speed network interconnects are lacking, thanks to our exclusive CDN+P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology.

Device Support

iReplay codecs and protocols are based on industry standards and support every possible connected screen you can think of : Apple TV, Android TV, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Roku and other set top boxes / games consoles, either on the web platform or in native applications.

Web Interface

We didn't want to just port this kind of sofware on the web platform. We wanted to improve it. Manage your channels, content and playout with our lightweight, user-friendly interface. On any device running a web browser. No technical background required.

Ad Stitching

iReplay's dynamic and adaptive server-side ad insertion (SSAI) solution allows for unblockable advertising without degrading the viewer experience, either as a preroll either by relinearization.

Monetization with Ads
& Business Models

Implement your pay-per-use or subscription-based business models or run ads on your streams : wether you want to generate revenue or just cover the costs of running your services, iReplay provides a comprehensive monetization toolkit to reach your goals.

Pay As
You Grow

You pay only for what you need and nothing else: our pricing is based on the number or services you have, the audience they get, and additional services like 24/7/365 technical support or broadcast-grade SLAs.


With a robust API and powerful SDKs for iOS, Android and other platforms, iReplay allows any custom interface to manage services or receive the stream. Custom or white-Label interfaces are offered as an additional service.


iReplay offers a wide range of Enterprise Services : technical consulting, engineering and custom software development (both client-side and server-side). If you need to do anything specific, we'll be happy to help, thanks to our 7 years experience in OTT and more than 20 years in broadcast. Say Hello !

Ready to try ?

Prices start at USD299 per month
for your multiscreen TV/VOD service

Bring your TV channel or VOD service in less than one week to the Apple TV

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