Video ad and content creation and publishing for merchants.

Video is a growing phenomenon. People prefer video to text, YouTube howtos to manuals. Efficient ads are now using video either as a preroll to a video content, either "outstream" in front of a news article, either in-stream on a TV Channel.

But there is a huge problem with video and video ads. Production costs. Producing a video for every single product of your catalogue is costly, with human resources and hardware involved. How could you use your existing metadata (text, photos, videos) to produce some product videos easily for a low cost ?

iReplay.TV provides a solution compatible with any publishing method (YouTube or any UGC platform, preroll, outstream or in-stream ads, or self-hosted MP4 or adaptive streaming videos). Combined to our server-side ad insertion solution, you can make sure those videos will be seen in any context.

Problems solved with iReplay solution for eCommerce TV


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2. DJing Daily curated news

As seen every hour on DJing TV channels

How does it work ?

We use After Effects templates (which can be generic or customer-specific), combine them with your data feed (product catalogue) and check any update to automate creation process. We then render and transcode your video to MP4 and HLS and deliver it to you and/or your ad agency and/or Google Adwords Shopping Campaign.